ICT Spring 2023

We were happy to participate as co-exhibitors of CzechTrade mission to Luxemburg main IT event called ICT Spring at the end of June. We were introducing to local market our cryptocurrency-related solutions adjusted to fintech sector.

Cryptocurrency forensic and transaction scoring systems are essential tools in the evolving world of digital currencies. Company netsearch s.r.o. specializes in developing advanced solutions to analyze and track cryptocurrency transactions, providing valuable insights to businesses, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies.

Netsearch cryptocurrency forensic system COINOMON utilizes cutting-edge technology to trace and monitor the flow of digital assets. By analyzing blockchain data and applying sophisticated algorithms, this system can identify suspicious transactions, detect money laundering activities, and track the movement of illicit funds. With its comprehensive reporting capabilities, COINOMON enables authorities to take appropriate actions and enforce regulatory compliance.

Additionally, COINOMON has built-in support for transaction scoring that assesses the risk associated with cryptocurrency transactions. By evaluating various factors such as transaction history, wallet reputation, and known criminal activities, this system assigns a risk score to each transaction. This helps fintech companies make informed decisions about their customers in compliance with KYC and AML policies.

CASPer, register of cryptocurrency assets service providers, is a comprehensive and centralized database that includes information on various businesses and entities involved in the cryptocurrency industry. CASPer serves as a valuable resource for investors, regulators, and other stakeholders, providing them with essential data on cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, token issuers, and other service providers. By maintaining an up-to-date register, authorities can ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, promoting a safer and more secure environment for users and investors. Additionally, this register enables regulators to monitor and enforce regulations, safeguard against fraudulent activities, and foster the growth and development of the cryptocurrency market.

With the rise in cryptocurrency-related crimes and the need for regulatory oversight, Netsearch cryptocurrency-related portfolio plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of digital financial transactions. By providing efficient and effective tools for investigation and risk assessment, Netsearch is contributing to a safer and more transparent cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Apart from that, we were also showing companies our PASSVORTO product that contains data from various personal identifiable information leaks. Periodically checking password leaks is of utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding a company (such as the bank) against potential hacks and security breaches. By staying vigilant and conducting regular checks, companies can benefit in various ways. Password leaks often contain a vast amount of compromised credentials. By monitoring these leaks, companies can swiftly identify if any of their employees’ accounts have been compromised. This enables them to take immediate action, such as resetting passwords or disabling compromised accounts, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive company information. PASSVORTO offers insights into the strength of employees’ passwords. If weak or easily guessable passwords are found in the leaks, companies can enforce stronger password policies and educate employees on the importance of using unique and complex passwords. Credential stuffing is a prevalent attack technique where hackers utilize leaked usernames and passwords from one website to gain unauthorized access to other accounts. PASSVORTO allows you to stay ahead of emerging threats. Hackers are constantly evolving their tactics, and new password leaks occur frequently.

Netsearch team would be happy to provide more information about our products and services. Just contact us!