9th December 2016



Successfully Recover Passwords on Reliable Machine
  New hashing and encryption algorithms pose a severe challenge for successful data collection and reconstruction. The reason is apparent; current cryptology is far ahead of Moore’s law. The goal of Tansy is to develop and maintain an affordable cracking platform consisting of reliable commodity hardware supporting distributed computation. Tansy’s performance is comparable with industry solutions. We can assemble Tansy box based on your preferences and available budget because our hardware designs are vendor-agnostic (we offer both nVidia and AMD installations) and they effectively work together not only with our software but also with 3rd party applications such as Hashcat.
Benefit from Available Dual-purpose Hardware 
  We have developed Tansy as competitive password crunching machine packed with up to eight GPU cards. Nevertheless, password cracking is not the only task, which Tansy may successfully perform. You can also use Tansy as a mining rig because testing computed password hash is a very similar task as verifying cryptocurrency transaction. Mining in spare time (when Tansy is not preoccupied with cracking) is the effective way how to create cryptocurrency reserves in your organization for a time of need (e.g., ransomware attack). Customers taking this option may expect above-average incomes because all Tansy configurations employ high-end GPU cards. Even thou that mining process is very stressful for all hardware components, we can still provide you minimally two years of warranty on the whole Tansy box thanks to its design.


Technology aspects

Tansy provides an efficient alternative to industry solutions focusing on HPC and GPGPU. Comparing to them, we offer wider component customization, which is not locked to a specific vendor. The result is Tansy – tailored accordingly to customer needs and having the best ratio between price and received performance.

Tansy 1 and 2 are packed inside standard 4U rack chassis (32 × 22 × 12 inches or 81.28 × 55.88 × 30.48 centimetres). Tansy can easily host 4, 6 or 8 GPUs. Tansy box can accommodate GPUs with both referential and also non-referential dimensions.

Tansy 3 and 4 are packed inside special 4U rack chassis (70 centimetres width). Tansy can easily host up to 12 GPUs thus bringing you the best GPU density in a single box. Tansy box can accommodate GPUs with both referential and also non-referential dimensions.

Tansy is equipped with industry-leading fans guaranteeing great airflow (from 190 up to 252 CFM) and constant warm air ventilation even under the heaviest workload. The basic Tansy contains three chassis fans, but inner cooling can be added for high-performance installations.

Tansy offers placeholder for up to 2 desktop power supply units (PSUs). The choice of desktop PSU in Tansy has following benefits: 1) availability of vendor-independent PSUs holding 80 PLUS Gold certification is wider; 2) desktop PSU fan design provides additional cooling mechanism comparing to enclosed server PSUs.

Tansy nicely fits into your cracking portfolio of applications like Hashcat, CrackLord, Hashstack, or program suits from ElcomSoft and Passware.

Tansy is manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic. We have a reliable chain of suppliers and capable of providing even the next business day repairs. Furthermore, all Tansy components overcome careful auditing, which includes burning-in, stress-testing and stability verification. This process guarantees that your Tansy is truly out-of-the-box solution ready for you immediately after the delivery.



Following list summarizes Hashcat 5.1.0 benchmarking results of standard Tansy 2 installation having eight nVidia 2080 Ti cards:

Algorithm Speeed Algorithm Speed Algorithm Speed
MD5 409.1 GH/s DES 322.6 GH/s 7-Zip 174.7 kH/s
SHA1 127.9 GH/s 3DES 12.2 GH/s RAR5 723.4 kH/s
SHA-256 57.9 GH/s scrypt 10.4 MH/s MS Office 2007 2018.5 kH/s
SHA-3 13.4 GH/s bcrypt 212.3 kH/s MS Office 2010 1009.4 kH/s
LUKS 144.4 GH/s WPA/WPA2 4.3 MH/s MS Office 2013 174.9 kH/s


Tansy – 8x nVidia 1080Ti

Tansy2 – 8x nVidia 2080Ti

Tansy3 – 12x nVidia 3090, desktop components

Tansy4 – 12x nVidia 3090, server components