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If you teach, design and develop networks for several years, you master a lot of protocols and technologies. However, we are not a bunch of academics disconnected from the reality! We can solve real-life problems of our customers by having an objective view and applying reasonable thinking. We are ready for your mission-specific networking troubles.


Have you ever wonder how to find a needle in a haystack? We do! That is the reason why we focus on networking forensics. If you want to find meaningful information in terabytes of captured data or if you are struggling with your cryptocurrency related investigation, we can help you. We gathered a lot of experience from our cooperation with government institutions.


We have a strong academic background! Our products originated from our cooperation with research institutions. We were participating in various research grants and projects focused on cybersecurity and privacy. We support a collaboration, thus, we try to publish our results at global conferences.


We love to share our knowledge and know-how with others! Furthermore, teaching is our daily bread at the university. We customize training according to the specific needs and request of our clients. We are proud of our certification portfolio (including industry-recognized exams by Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Juniper, Google).


We are publishing slides and materials from our public appearences via blog posts.


We established limited liability company netsearch s.r.o. in order to commercialize our know-how and products.
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He is a great lecturer with natural gift to explain even complicated problems easily. He is also a skilled developer enthusiastic to new networking protocols and architectures.
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The main developer of the NetFox Detective, skilled coder, teacher and Windows expert. He maintains all .NET documentation in his memory.
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Grumbler who does not believe in a technology if he cannot try it. The only guy in the team who runs Linux and even compiles an own kernel. Sigh…
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Computing technology tinkerer who insists on finding the right tool for the job at hand no matter how obscure that tool might be.
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Lukáš Zobal

Talented developer and IT security geek. He loves problem solving and is always up for a new challenge.
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Matuš Múčka

Young, enthusiastic developer with different point of Vue. His main focus is on modern user interfencies and REST apis.
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Vojtěch Večeřa

Perspective developer who always seeks for new ideas and approaches. He doesn’t leissure under pressure nor he rests in bug nests. His interests are in network and distributed systems.


Tansy is password recovery machine leveraging general-purpose computing on GPUs. Tansy has a form of dedicated server beating its competitors in reliability. Hardware maximizes stability by employing reliable components hosted in custom-designed box delivering a great air-flow. Tansy offers the best ratio between investment and received cracking performance – let economies of scale work for you, buy more GPUs (and increase your hashrate) for the same money.
With proprietary software/open-source tools, you often fight limits for scaling up distribution task. Enneract offers hypervisor distributing the computation over your infrastructure, which is capable of recovering from failures automatically or assigning work based on different strategies. Enneract correctly extracts hashes even from tricky formats such as 7z or RAR. Enneract supports various approaches to generate password including brute-force, dictionaries, rule-sets or Markov chains.
COINØMON is mission-specific platform offering forensics over various blockchains of several cryptocurrencies. COINØMON can help you correlate real-life events with blockchain data - e.g., reveal the identity of cryptocurrency address owner, determine gains and losses of ransomware attack, collect and produce acceptable court evidence. COINØMON enhances working processes in your organization and easily shares data with other applications.