12th January 2016

Digital era brought a new challenges when dealing with cybercrimes, identity exploitations, frauds, cyberbullying, infrastructure hacking and other threats related to the Internet. Our company understands severity of these challenges because we have a strong theoretical and practical background in computer networking security.

We offer our know-how and various tools supporting successful investigation of law enforcement agencies.

This includes following software/hardware products:


Be spoke GPU password cracker

The goal behind Tansy development is to create an affordable cracking platform from reliable commodity hardware. We are committed to build GPU-accelerated password cracker comparable with industry solutions. Among key performance indicators are:

  • customization – We can design dedicated box tailored to your needs and preferences. It does not matter on your GPU preference (nVidia vs. AMD), Tansy is vendor-agnostic;
  • power – Tansy offers the great ratio between price and performance. Tansy can easily host 4, 6, 8 or even 9 GPUs thus bringing you the best GPU density in a single box;
  • support – Tansy is manufactured and assembled in Czech Republic. We have a reliable chain of component suppliers to provide even next business day repairs. Moreover, all Tansy components have been thoroughly stress-tested and verified for stability.

If you are interested in GPU password cracking (or even cryptocurrency mining) then do not hesitate and check Tansy specification.


Coin Monitor for Cryptocurrency Blockchains

We are professionally interested in cryptocurrencies as computer network researchers, speculators and miners. Hence, we have decided to combine our knowledge of numerous cryptocurrencies in a single tool, which supports tracking of finances in their respective blockchains. The resulting web application is called COINOMON and it allows:

  • searching for a given block, address or transaction;
  • address identification based on open-source intelligence provided by our web-scrapers;
  • data exports in unified format for documentation or third-party applications;
  • cluster analysis, which discovers addresses belonging to the same user.

NetFox Detective

More than a smart Wireshark

NetFox Detective allows you to analyse captured communication and extract necessary information from supported application protocols. It is an extensible platform that you can customize according to your needs. The key features of NetFox Detective are:

  • Ability to analyse several data files simultaneously. The file size can be several GB of captured communications.
  • Strong support for a custom visualisation. You can create different views with a different level of details. The visualisation can be a simple list of packets or a comprehensive details about VoIP communications.
  • Support for a large number of application protocols.
  • Filtering and fast search through captured communication.

We have developed the NetFox Detective with strong focus on extensibility. Using plugins, you can create an own parser for your application protocol just by defining protocol syntax. Furthemore, you can define own view, because all information are accesible from database via a unified API. This allows to connect the NetFox into your own analysing proccess and obtain a different view on your networking data.